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Our Services

Each session is tailored to your specific needs.

Holistic Occupational Therapy: Initial Evaluation

Start Your Healing Journey

We will complete a comprehensive evaluation of the physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual roadblocks to achieving optimal health and wellness. I have a background in occupational therapy which means I've been trained to enhance the body, mind, and spirit.   With ancient Japanese healing techniques and my background in the medical field, I'm confident in finding a way to help alleviate pain and help you find your way back to wellness.  Together we can use sensory therapy to rejuvenate you and illuminate your life.  Not sure if this is right for you? Free 15 minute consultation.  I'd love to talk to you!
*BCBS, Medicare, & cash are accepted.

Pain Management & Treatment

Identify & treat underlying causes, manage symptoms, provide education

Our sessions focus on tissue health, joint mobility, and muscle rebalancing to reduce pain and improve function of the entire body.   We use sensory integration techniques such as aromatherapy, sound therapy, myofascial release, meditation, and aromatherapy to help relax the nervous system and improve treatment outcomes.
*Holistic Occupational Therapy: Initial Evaluation required prior to receiving treatment.
*BCBS, Medicare, & cash are accepted.

Chronic Illness Management & Treatment

Identify & treat underlying causes of illness & disease

Our sessions will include an exam of tissue health (sensory system), joint mobility (skeletal system), and core strength (muscle system). We will also look at lifestyle habits and routines including eating habits, sleeping habits, exercise routines, stress management, and relationship patterns that either contribute to or take away from your overall health.  We then develop a treatment plan which includes but is not limited to the following: massage, stretching, mobilization, strength training, breathwork, brain re-training, and energy optimization training.
*Holistic Occupational Therapy: Initial Session required prior to receiving treatment.
*BCBS, Medicare, and cash are accepted.

Vibration Therapy

Natural Healing

Did you know your body has it's own frequency? Did you know on average we are overloaded with negative frequencies that can lead to illness or difficulty functioning at our highest potential? How can we heal?  Boost the positive frequencies by flooding the body and mind with good vibrations.

Therapeutic touch: Reiki is an ancient healing technique that involves relaxing essential energy points in the body that may be not functioning optimally due to stress.

Aromatherapy: In addition to Reiki, we use aromatherapy with essential oils to help your mind feel at ease.

Sound therapy:  Calming music to help neutralize all the buzzing thoughts and help quiet the mind.

 Taste:  Brief overview of how diet patterns and routines can impact health!  Whole food nutrition options also available upon request.

It's treatment for the 5 senses! 


Energy healing for stress relief, emotional blocks, & pain treatment

Reiki is an ancient energy healing technique re-discovered by Dr. Usui. in Japan.  Have you ever heard where your focus energy flows?  We focus our session on progressive muscle relaxation, breathwork, and clearing emotional blocks to allow your brain and body to exit stress mode. When we have chronic stress, our body goes into a constant state of "fight" or "flight."  Over a prolonged period of time, this can lead to chronic inflammation, emotional distress, and mental fog.  Learning to relax can literally save your life!
*Aroma and sound therapies are offered alongside Reiki.

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